How do you remove kids tattoos at home? – Picosure Tattoo Removal After One Session

First of all, your local tattoo parlor will be able to remove the ink. If they don’t have a state license to do this, they will charge you for the time required. The cheapest cost they can give you is around $40.

You could try an attorney, too — if that’s your first ink removal surgery. If you have a lawyer in the area, he or she may be able to get the law on your behalf.

But first they’ll have to prove to your insurance company or employer that the ink is dangerous. Insurance companies or employers have to do this by looking at the risks associated with your tattoos, whether or not you’ve had them, and if they find a serious concern, they can suspend or cancel coverage until the risks can be ruled out.

What should I watch for if I want to get an ink removal procedure done?

For this type of procedure, you generally have two months. Before going under the knife, you should:

check with the tattoo artist or tattoo parlor for any details or concerns you may have

pay for your cost (typically $200 with insurance, but even $100 or $75 could be cheaper)

have a family member or friend who will monitor you while you go under the knife

see the doctor or dentist for an appointment beforehand

if you have any previous piercings, have a friend examine the parts of your body to see if they need to come out too

Do you need someone to monitor you during this procedure?

No. The ink doesn’t enter your body, so it’s unlikely that anyone else will notice it.

The tattoo will be removed in a hospital. The procedure can cause numbness and tingling in your muscles. Your symptoms usually will improve within 2 weeks, usually within 21 days. After that, your pain shouldn’t be any worse than your usual pain.

Can you take photos of you with your needle and remove the rest of your tattoo?

No. You can take pictures of the process during the procedure (so don’t do it with anyone beside yourself at the hospital, as those who know you can see the images) and take pictures afterwards. But don’t post them on Instagram, Facebook, or any other digital media site. You can post them only on your social media accounts, with your permission.

If I want to get an ink removal procedure done, can I leave the tattoo on my body?

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