Does tattoo removal leave scars? – Full Sleeve Tattoo Removal Before And After

Tattoo removal should leave no marks, as the process strips off the skin, leaving behind a clean, shiny surface. If there is a noticeable scar the tattoo will become a permanent marker in the skin and the client will need surgery to remove it.

Can tattoo removal remove permanent scars?

Tattoo removal is not supposed to remove permanent scars, but the problem can sometimes arise. Usually, patients with severe and persistent tattoo removal problems will have a permanent tattoo in the lower limb where a permanent scar would be. However, if the wound is located in a higher limb and no permanent mark is left after tattoo removal, the tattoo may need to be removed.

How long can you expect your tattoo to last?​

Tattoo removal can last for a few years. A period of about two to three months usually follows the removal process, when the scar tissue is more tender than normal and healed over. Scar tissue also tends to regenerate, so the scar often heals differently than what is present the day you get the tattoo. Most clients who get tattoo removal in their twenties or forties expect their scars to last for at least a couple of years but may actually need a permanent correction or cosmetic improvement to protect their body from future tattoos.

Is it safe for me to have my tattoo removed?​

Surgery does happen sometimes. The chance of injury is very small and if you find yourself in an accident you can get help right away on the spot. In general you should avoid getting tattoo removal done if you are:

under eighteen years old

a person who has very high blood pressure

severely overweight

a pregnant woman

A few doctors say tattoo removal can result in more permanent scarring, but usually it is only temporary.

​How do I get an estimate for treatment?​

At the time of diagnosis you should get an estimate from the doctor of your own choice. It is the customer’s responsibility to look up any medical documentation or information about a client before obtaining a medical estimate.

How much of the tattoo can go in the eye?​

Yes, tattoo removal can affect your eye. This happens because the tattoo removes the covering over the skin.

At the time of surgery, tattoo removal is done on the whole tattoo. So you can expect the skin to be completely removed in the center of the tattoo and the skin in the middle to the left to be slightly lifted up in the eye.

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