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Yes, hydrogen peroxide will fade tattoos. It should not be used for removing any tattoo, if you are going to do it, we recommend using the following methods –

Suspension of Tattoo

If you already have tattoos that have been suspended for some time, it will help you to absorb the stain, but we suggest you apply hydrogen peroxide to the bottom of the tattoo. You can do this either by rubbing it directly on the tattoo or dip in some liquid hydrogen to make the tattoo even darker.

You should apply the hydrogen peroxide to about 20-30 square centimeters of the tattoo. This is to leave the tattoo unchanged, but the stain can be covered by the hydrogen peroxide if it is too dark.

Hair Color Transfer

Hair color transfer is an extreme situation where you want the ink to be permanently transferred on top of the tattoo.

You can do it by using hydrogen peroxide directly on the tattoo, either as an in-between tattoo filler, as part of the dye solution for some color enhancement or as the original tattoo color. You always have to be careful with using hydrogen peroxide on skin, if too much is applied on the skin. This is because the skin will oxidize the hydrogen peroxide.

Tattoo Removal

Hydrogen peroxide should not be applied to the tattoo and is not suitable for removal of the tattoo permanently. If it is too much applied, you will stain the tattoo even further, making it impossible to remove it. You can cover the tattoo with your own tattoo paper with minimal side effects, and for some reason you probably do not have to do so if you do use this remedy on your own.

If you do choose to use hydrogen peroxide, we always recommend using hydrogen peroxide to cover it. This means when you are applying it to other people or yourself; you can cover the tattoo with hydrogen peroxide at whatever length you wish, but you have to be very careful with your application, since hydrogen peroxide can react on the skin. Also, it is always advisable to do a consultation about which method or method you will be using to help you get rid of tattoo on your own.

You can find more information about the benefits of hydrogen peroxide tattoo removal on our page in this series of articles. Read also our detailed guide on tattoo removal with hydrogen peroxide tattoos.

Hydrogen peroxide tattoo removal

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