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It’s a great question, and it’s one that I’ve been answering in this thread. First, I will tell you a little bit about where I am in my life right now. My wife and I were married for about 9 months and we were having an amazing baby. And a couple of months ago, she had a terrible bout of throat infection while we were both in Europe. We flew back to the States and had some tests done, and the results came back that she was being treated for a blood clot. In the United States and Canada, all you really have to do is be a member of the military, and there’s a procedure called Euthanasia on a Military Basis. In the same country, and not a Military Basis, there are military hospitals that will perform the procedure. There is a procedure called Euthanasia. It’s a military term. I haven’t been a member of any of these facilities.

If a person falls down, goes to a military hospital, and the doctors say, “you’ve got a clot in your throat. Let’s do some surgery on it. You’re not going to be able to fight in the second and third World Wars because of your throat.” You’d better take advantage of what a Military hospital is, and go get it. And here is the thing. You can get it without a Military Hospital. You can get it without a Military Basis. So I’ve been in this same situation, and I’ve read about it and talked about it, and asked friends I didn’t know that were having the same type of problems with tattoos not working anymore…

You don’t think that there is another option and that people should make themselves into a part of this? And if they can get a free procedure like Euthanasia, then it is better than not having a workable tattoo. It is better than not being able to be a warrior at all. So I would suggest to anyone with a tattoo that they get it done before you get a military hospital. They can come in, and it is not a bad procedure. Just as long as the tattoo is removed, you should go to the military hospital, even if it’s not a Military Hospital!
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You’ve been on the road and had a full load of jobs, and been in the States, and have been doing these things and been doing good things for a decade and a half? It is crazy to think that now, I am doing these things. I am getting tattoos for

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