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It’s one of those questions that’s been asked for decades but never actually answered. This year, researchers from the British Institute of Family Medicine have found that while the salting of a tattoo can help with the removal process, it isn’t always

Using a laser system, the researchers applied a layer of salting to the backs of nine people with tattoos. The skin was covered with a transparent plastic matrix with different levels of salting, with each layer having a slightly different effect on removing tattoos more quickly. For example, just a single layer of salting was enough to remove any previous tattoos.

However, a layer three salting was enough to remove all tattoos. And, when applied three times, salting four times removed all tattoos. However, the salting did not remove all tattoos at the same time, as the individual tattoos were removed when the salting layer was removed. Thus, the researchers say, their results provide “some evidence of the salting of some tattoo-related scars to decrease the removal of those scars.”

“This work is particularly important as a result of the fact that most people continue with their tattoo, but for some patients it can be difficult to remove,” Dr. David G. Ross, a dermatologist at UCL and author of the study, said in a press statement. “This study confirms that salting can be effective,” he added.

The scientists say the salting of the tattoo makes the tattoo less attractive and therefore less attractive to the client. And it is also good form to wash, peel, and dry a tattoo before removing it.

Source: British Journal of Dermatology.

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