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The most frequent reason for a woman to get a tattooed body part is either ‘self-expression’ (to get a tattoo and feel better about her appearance) or, less often, as an attempt to escape an embarrassing situation (e.g. ‘he’s always asking if I’m anorexic’).

Infectious diseases: HIV/AIDS and Chlamydia

This has been the cause of so many painful scars (from a chlamydia or a venereal disease). A tattooed nipple has caused an infection in the skin (injecting your blood into the nipple causes an infection on the underside of the breast, which makes the tattoo disappear).

It’s also well known that people with HIV/AIDS can cause a tattooed penis to disappear after they have been diagnosed with this disease.

There is no proof that a tattooed penis causes infection like this.

There are many different types of infections caused by diseases which most women are usually protected against.

There is an association between getting chlamydia and getting a tattooed penis, however people may be too embarrassed (and/or do not realise how bad the symptoms are) and not ask their healthcare provider about this as they don’t want to be embarrassed.


Some women find the experience of having their body tattooed offensive to the penis and that this makes them want to hide the whole thing

Some women consider having their genitals tattooed offensive because the artist puts their own personal branding on them. Some women may find it offensive to have their genitals tattooed because they feel uncomfortable or ashamed of it. A tattoo may be too personal and painful for some women.

Having a tattooing operation also prevents women’s fertile periods. Therefore, they often have a problem with pregnancy without being able to conceive. If they are pregnant, the baby could be born with a severe congenital deformity.

The vagina is also known to be more likely to get infected with STDs than most other parts of the body.


A woman with HIV or herpes can get a tattooed penis with little or no warning or indication

Many women with HIV/AIDS also get an erection and have the ink fall on the skin of the penis or their anus. This can cause serious infections when the tattoo is removed.

Some women may even find the experience of having their genitals tattooed offensive to the penis. Some don’t

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