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The trading system in Guild Wars 2 has several features that make it more realistic than what is available in other MMORPGs – namely: Trading.

First, there are items, called “tokens.” Tokens are a way that players can exchange resources – in this case, in game materials – to each other without any cost to the players. In the past, trade systems were mostly limited to purchasing an item outright through the auction house.

While in most other MMOs, that trade system was pretty much useless, it still existed.

Second, there are “tokens of glory” that people can earn through completing events. These events are meant to reward players with valuable rewards – some of those rewards can also be crafted into goods or sold on the trading board.

Third, there are items, called “tokens sold” or “tokens of profit.” These items can be traded as well, but that is pretty much it. Players can only earn them for buying things which need to be crafted.

This system of buying things and then selling them – known as “trading” – is something that Guild Wars 2 avoids in favor of selling items as well – which means they can still have some meaning to players from time to time.

How do I get started trading without having to craft them?

Simply purchase some items from the trading board. From these, you can craft items. Or you can create items by purchasing certain items or through special event rewards.

Here’s how it works:

There’s a certain item that you can purchase from the trading board with coins. You can do so by selecting that item on the left and clicking on the “Buy Coins” button.

If you want to craft it, you need gold, which you can gain a small amount for doing so. The crafting materials needed depends both on the item you are buying and the item you are crafting.

There are some special items that you can purchase, depending on your crafting skill.

A: Weapons

B: Armor

C: Weapons (except for staff weapon):

D: Shields

E: Accessories

F: Items such as headpiece, earrings, earphones, etc. that you can craft using your specific crafting skill, depending on the item you are investing in.

Do you have a way to increase the number of materials you need to craft an item?


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