Who plays Link’s wife in The Matrix Reloaded? – Magic Tricks Explained By Science

The “wife” is actually an alternate universe version of herself. She also has a brother called Sam, a brother named Kevin, and her boyfriend, who seems to be either a man or a boy, or maybe both? This woman is referred to as a “maiden” in The Matrix, and an “angel” within it. In the manga adaptation, she had a similar name to her film incarnation.

What character is voiced by Minka Kelly?

Kelly plays an actress called Vyvoras, whose name, in the original novel, is spelled “Vyv.” She may not be quite right, as she sometimes appears only in her costume, and in her role in the game, she is referred to as a “slave.”

Why is the name of Link’s wife referred to in the game as “Roland”?

Although that’s a fairly obvious answer, here’s some trivia to tide you over: R is pronounced “RAY” like Roland, while O is pronounced “OR” like the Japanese name for Ocarina of Time. So the name, which is used in the game as well in the novel, must have been designed to look similar to Roland.

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Why was the woman with the “girly clothes” in the film considered for the role?

The film’s director claimed it was just too feminine (in a ‘women-friendly’ way) – according to a 1996 interview, he said: “In the film The Matrix, it’s just too feminine. I never thought about it. But this part, it’s too feminine. I want a man in front of me. So just one part wasn’t right.”

Why was one character, Sam, named in the game “Michael”?

This is because he’s a name that’s similar to Michael Jackson’s “Michael” band, which, by the way, was a hit record in the US, and which helped him to become famous. The song “Give It 2 Me” was also based loosely on Michael Jackson’s musical career – although, in a different sense than Michael, Michael has a son named Michael Jr., who is quite similar to Sam in fact.

In the end, this all makes sense if you take the role-playing game’s logic to its logical extreme. A man who takes the role of a woman was called a “Maiden in Training” back then. The same “Maiden” character, in The Matrix Reloaded, appears here

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