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I dunno…

Derren Brown has never been far from our radar. He’s a former wrestler who won a gold medal at the 2004 Olympics with a little help from Steve Austin. Now, with the WWE turning him into a “dark man,” the man we were hoping would be a dark man has taken a turn once again. You will not find this man any further away from the WWE than ever before. And as long as he remains that way, WWE will have no choice but to make him what he is – one of the worst, but most enjoyable match-ups in the industry.

So, why is that? What exactly is it about wrestling matches that allow for such an extreme and entertaining reversal?

This is a long post and it’s going to take me some time to write about the entire topic (I don’t just throw out my opinion like a pack of cigarettes), but here are some of the common reasons why wrestlers turn heel on purpose:

1) Money

Derren didn’t grow up in the WWE and this is why he came out this way. He has more or less been on the pay cable version of the indies for the better part his career, and he’s done as well with that as anyone can. He has made a ton of money there, and he has been able to buy enough to stay around, and even to live relatively comfortably. He can make millions of bucks, so he has nothing to lose.

The Allure of the “Thin Model” | The Parting Glance
But he isn’t the kind of wrestler who is going to make a lot now. In fact, it’s pretty much all he has. Money doesn’t grow on ivy; you can only get rich slowly. A lot of wrestlers try to “make it,” but the main reason they do is to “make money” (just like Derren, you’ve got to know where money comes from to make it a successful career). It’s the only thing they can use to pay for food, rent, and to buy drugs (as we’ll see in a bit). So, Derren was essentially in the same situation as AJ Styles. AJ Styles turned heel because he made more money than he did as a wrestler. He’s not a real superstar, he’s just a wrestler who gets better and better each time he moves through the company. As I already mentioned on the first part of this article, money is what pays for food and clothes and all sorts of other needs. If you haven’t seen any of the new AJ Styles stuff,

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