How do you make your arm float? – Magic Trick Fails Gone Wrong

Well, like any other person, you want it to be the same way every day. That’s the secret behind the floating motion: the more you move, the faster and easier it becomes.

Try it today and you’ll be surprised.

Step #1. Pick a time and place

Every day you have to make time for yourself. How do you define this time?

How about 5 minutes before lunch? This is very good when you want to change out and wash. How about 30 minutes before a workout or a dinner?

As long as you are moving a lot of weight, we want to make sure it’s not too slow, too fast.

If you are doing exercise you will need to move all day — like lifting weights or doing cardio or even stretching your legs.

Step #2. Make a list

Now take a moment to create the list.

When your day is already tough or you have a time that isn’t on this list, you can start the day with a shorter time.

If you only have 5 minutes, just go outside and stretch all day, without doing anything else. If you have 30 minutes, then do a few easy exercises.

When you are done and don’t want to work, you can remove it from the list.

Or use it as a reminder!

Step #3. Make it happen

Next, you have to make your time come.

If you don’t take action, it won’t happen. So do what you can — walk around outside, get into the shower, do exercise, do something that gives you a break from your morning and night routine.

Whatever it is, don’t make yourself do something because you need to. Do it because you can.

Step #4. Set things up for success now

Set up your new time by setting a timer and setting it to the minute.

In another place, set something different, such as:

Afternoon/Early afternoon/ Evening/ Afternoon (when you will get a good workout)

Afternoon (workout)

Any other time of the day

The important is to remember to create a positive environment where you can accomplish your goal in the shortest period of time.

Step #5. Get it over with

You will find it tough! Not for the first time! If you can manage it, keep it up

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