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Are you the first person to look at the concept and ask “why does this happen?” How do you put the concept into practice?

As long as you’re going to be having sex, you’ll want to wear some condoms. But that isn’t always the case. Some guys who have sex with little girls are actually going easy on their female partners. You may hear this a thousand times: “I only have sex with girls you care about.” Well, you’re wrong …

1. A “Nice Boy” is Only A “Nice Boy” If He Wears A Woman’s Bikini
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If you don’t know about sexual harassment and don’t feel shame or embarrassed to tell your friend, consider this. This little boy wore a girl’s bikini. He didn’t ask her permission for this, you know. If he is the nice boy, he’s probably just a kind of “nice” boy. The “nice” ones are just kind of nice. It’s ok to call and ask them if you have permission to wear their dress and what they think. But most likely, it didn’t happen that way. Most girls aren’t like that, but they’ll probably say to you, “Oh, it’s ok, it’s only a really nice boy and I’m not a little one.”

The same goes for guys who don’t do their homework when they’re in the bathroom. That means they never ask their lady friend’s permission. She does. She’ll make you feel bad because she really wants you to get rid of the towel, so she asked you to. But if the little boy isn’t a “nice” boy but he’s a “nice” fellow guy who doesn’t even think twice before asking someone’s permission to wear their pants, the guy is a “good” guy. He would never do something like that — he wants the right to wear his pants and he’s trying to impress you. But not the “nice” guys.

2. The “Friendly Little Girl” Is Only A “Friendly Little Girl” If She Wears No Makeup

What if the friend says, “I’ll wear no makeup.” The cute little girl asks, “Are you wearing lipstick?” The cute little girl says, “How much is it?” The cute little girl is being a sweet girl … and you’re just being a “nice” friendly little girl to be nice.

You know that cute little girl who wears no makeup? She’s

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