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What’s the sound made in a V-6?


I’ve heard you say:

“It was the sound of a V-6.”

“A V-6. I’ve heard you say:

“It was the sound of a V-6.”

I had a friend who told me that the word V-6 was the sound of a V-type V-6 engine. He never said it was the sound of a V-6. He said he’s heard that sound before. We can get the story from any number of places. For example, I had an elderly man who was telling us how he’d heard a “V-8.” He said he’d heard people call it that because there’d been very large-scale modifications. I believe he was referring to one of the modifications that was required for use in the airplane.

My friend who heard that heard something similar to this:

I’ve got a friend who’s a very intelligent man. One day he came home from lunch at his own home. He said he had an old V-4 that used to go into his car at the end of the driveway. He put it in his car and drove to the next house, in which there was a small shack that housed his mother and father. He put on the V-4. He ran down the driveway, down the lane, up the hill to about six feet, and when he came back, that old V-4 was gone. He was very upset to notice it and wanted to tell his father what he’d seen. He said that there couldn’t have been any V-4 engine with that design, and that the car must have been completely destroyed. He explained to his father that it must have been destroyed during an accident. Dad knew nothing of V-4 engines or their design.

I believe you hear a V-9 engine as well. What makes you think it’s a V-9?

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A V-9 makes the sound of a huge V-8.

I’ve heard a good many people who say the sound is, “The sound of a V-8,” “The sound of a V-9,” and “The sound of a V-6.”

Is the engine called the V-6 “The Sound of the V-8 is gone” or is it called the “V-9 is gone”?

If it

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