How do you make a ventriloquist dummy? – Ready Set Learn Books

I thought it was more about the performance?

We would first of all make a dummy with the correct head to use as a headboard. Then the dummy has to be designed with proper back support, and then, the main body has to be sculpted with the mouth and nose cut off to make the dummy look even closer to reality.

Can you tell us about the different materials that go in to the performance of the dummy?

The actual body is composed of a layer of polymer, and once that layer is finished and cured, we then add the final details. The first three layers are the skin. Since we have to make sure the skin is the right colour, we can’t make it black or red. So we use an ultraviolet ray in a UV protective solution to bleach the skin, which will then turn it a pale color. The next layer is the face and cheekbones. Next was the skull. The skull and the teeth are then filled in with resin. We mix it with latex or silicone and the next step is making it into a plastic doll.

What about a 3D model?

It’s not really possible to 3D model because of the limited design space. At this stage, in a sense, we’re not in a situation of making a model that is so good, we’re in a situation of trying to make it so that it can move. So we’re only making it the way it should be made on a physical model.

There’s this scene at the end of the movie where you’re playing with your dummy. It’s pretty cool. How does it feel to play with such a life-size form?

When we started, when we first came up with this idea, people told us that it seemed like a ridiculous idea, because it was impossible to make a 3D dummy that would move. But actually, for us, it seemed to work really well, because it was also a little awkward, and also we could be quite childish at the same time, so when we made the dummy, when we first did it, it looked as if it was very realistic.

So in the end, your idea was to make it so that it could appear realistic on a movie screen?

Exactly. And we did that by doing the motions as closely as possible to real life. We tried to make it the same in every detail as if we were playing with the doll.

It’s a little disappointing, doesn’t it.

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