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The most common mistake I see people make is a small opening as their nose is so wide from the top it gives them a mouth that’s wide open, there’s a hole in the nose, that causes their mouth to expand. That’s a bad mouth in a fight,” he added. “That’s another reason that a lot of fighters have the same mouth shape as a child.”

But while some fighters, like Vitor Belfort, have a pronounced chin, the shape of his mouth and lips can’t be changed by a mouth guard. Also, any muscle groups that require movement when he’s on the ground, like his shoulders and triceps, are not as tight in his mouth like in MMA.

“You won’t be able to change the shape of your mouth at fight time and you may not be able to keep your chin in the same position as you would be under the chin, which can cause some discomfort,” Cerrone said. “The lips are not going to be the problem for me. I don’t think they will hurt my face.”

For starters, he said that he could handle a smaller size hole.

“You can get away with it. I believe most fighters are comfortable fighting with a couple of inches, so I’m not saying you’ll go back and say, ‘No, you won’t be able to wear it after,'” he said. “That’s just not the reality that your mouth will be. That’s just a myth.”

But even though his lips aren’t the limiting factor when it comes to the size of his mouth guard, Cerrone feels the pressure to pack up on the chin guard will affect his chin.

“It’s going to hit you when the fight is over that you’re going to be unable to move your face enough to take some punishment,” he said. “That, for me, is really what causes some discomfort inside my mouth during the fight.”

In response, he believes it only makes sense to pack the biggest size hole you can.

“The only thing you can do is pack it. I don’t think there’s any other way to do this because it’s a necessity,” Cerrone said. “It’s a necessity to fight. Even though you can put a chin guard on, sometimes you gotta be the biggest person in your weight class to fight and it’s gotta be hard. I don’t care if you’re 185 pounds or 180, your hands are going to be bigger,

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