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If you’re a fan of a particular style, then perhaps ventriloquism can help you find it.

This page is about lessons and a few types of ventriloquism for musicians. Although I’m sure you can find something on its own without much effort. I’m merely presenting what I’ve found in the most convenient places for it.

The Basics

If your goal is to become an expert at ventriloquism, then ventriloquism lessons are not for you. It only takes two hours with an 8 meter x 8 meter table, and some practice. I know that’s a lot, but that’s enough to get started for most people. Most people I play with don’t have the patience for that level of learning, but then again they’re not trying to become masters of it. You should, if you haven’t already, start with something easy for an introduction to learning it; then try your hand at getting more advanced.

There is some general information and a sample piece below. I hope this helps for those who want to learn ventriloquism in a way that will get them to the point of having the skill they really need.

For those who have a much more advanced skill set, though, a few techniques are here to give you an idea of how to move past an initial level of skill as well. I have tried to break down the technique into different levels of difficulty, so you can learn all of the basics in easy step-by-step, and then refine them as you go. There are a few things you need to know in order to work at the higher levels.

Getting the basics will give you a good idea on how to move on to some of the easier things. This is a pretty basic set of steps, that anyone can begin without any knowledge of ventriloquism.

There are a few key points to go over in this video. First, the tempo of the piece is 32 breaths per minute – so the table takes about 15 minutes to get through. Also, they’re playing at a nice slow tempo, but the rhythm is pretty fast. I prefer this for the majority of people.

This is another video that will help you understand a few of the tricks you’ll need when learning ventriloquism. Here we’re going to try out some of the exercises below, to get you more familiar with some of the techniques you’re going to apply later.

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