Should I get a soprano or concert ukulele? – How To Learn Ukulele Easy Ikaw Ay Ako Doble Kara Season

A: The soprano and concert uke are not considered separate instruments. A soprano is a classical performer and is used in classical concerts. The Concert uke is an instrument that has traditionally been played in a classical concert, but it’s been used by soprano ukes in concerts since the 1800s and is usually considered a soprano instrument today.

Q: Can I buy a Yamaha uke at a pawn shop?

A: No. The Yamaha line of ukuleles are manufactured in Japan. As always, check with your local pawn shop. A Yamaha ukulele you buy from a pawn shop is considered a part of the Yamaha catalog.

Q: How expensive is a uke?

A: If you buy a Yamaha uke from a pawn shop, you can expect to pay between $2000 – $2500.

Q: Which models do Yamaha ukuleles come in?

A: The best way to identify a Yamaha uke is to look at the top part of the instrument (the peghead). A new ukulele is in the back of the instrument and will have a new knob/paddle for playing. You can also ask the shop for a list of models available.

Q: What brand of ukulele is the ukulele I bought new come in?

A: Most ukuleles come with a blue pickguard and a red bridge. There are only a few Yamaha models that come in black.

Q: Is the Yamaha uke a true ukulele?

A: Yes! As you can see on the specifications page, the instrument is technically very similar to a true ukulele, but has few of its parts made in America.

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