Is ukulele harder than guitar? – Lean On Me Ukulele Chords

No. It would be harder. I love ukulele, but maybe that’s one of the reasons it has such a different, more fun feel to it. It’s so fast. I love when it hits the edge of my head. Maybe it’s for me. It’s not my thing, to put too much emphasis on that. Like a guitar it’s faster than a bass or a piano. But it’s still a good instrument. My mum made me a ukelele as a child. It was a bit too big to get on an instrument stand. She made me a smaller one when she got older so I could hold it with one hand. It still sounds very good when I practice. The ukulele has a very good feel and texture to it. But to do it in the real world, you have to have all that. The ukulele is a great sounding instrument.

Do your parents listen to you in the studio? Not that I know. I’m not sure if they listen to me on guitar as much. Maybe it’s different for me. They might listen to me with headphones or something instead of headphones. Maybe it has something to do with the way they’re used to it. Or maybe it’s just normal to me. They do listen to me, though. Just a bit more than me. (laughs). They can hear what I’re doing and what I’m saying even through ear buds. Or they’ll listen to my voice or what I’m doing. But they don’t like too much talk.

Where did you begin playing? I started when I was a teenager. That’s why I said that when I was younger I didn’t play much. I played in school and then in college and then in a few bars. When I was 22 I got a job at a recording studio, but I didn’t have to work. I would go out, I’d listen to records and then I’d work and work and work. I made my first album and I made enough money I could buy a guitar, so that was pretty great. I did a couple of gigs for my mates before I finished school. I had so much going on. I had a girlfriend, I’d bought myself a new house and a housekeeping van, and I got a job with an agency that specialized in getting people gigs. And I made a living by that! Then I moved to Germany and went to university. Then I went to London and did a job at a

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