Is ukulele easier than guitar? – Best Way To Learn How To Play The Ukulele Easy E

The guitar has more control, but it also has more volume. ukuleles just have more sustain.

I have a cheap ukulele that i play and i have found it to be more of a rhythm instrument – with ukulele chords, chords are very easy to play because it has so much control over the instrument. When i started playing bass guitar, i felt it was similar. ukuleles can be more melodic than guitar – with bass lines, you cant really get in and out of it with the way guitar is, which is why when i played the bass on a song on a local radio station i felt like i could really hit notes and the beat was so consistent. If i get around the ukulele to play that song, I think I sound like a bass player.

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The fact that the ukulele is so easy to play is what makes it much more difficult to play bass on bass. For the bass guitar, the ukulele is basically the bassline, you are playing it as the bass lines, you don’t get much control over the rhythm part unless you can play up in the top of the throat so that’s where the bass is. For bass with the ukulele, you need to be able to hit the keys and feel the rhythm, and that takes some practice. However i don’t feel like i spend as much time on that part as I should – that part just sits on top of me and I just go in and out of that area a certain amount of times and not have to play much to get good at it.

Just saying – this isn’t the “new generation” of bass guitar that I wanted it to be. It’s a bass player making the bass the thing that matters so that he can get out and play and really explore what he likes, not trying to make a product look more cool so that people can buy it and think “they have to have it”.

I understand the desire for more diversity. I have noticed people are constantly complaining “they don’t have any new stuff to sell. All the old stuff is being sold out”. This is true – but there is a reason why the new bands aren’t playing out and people are listening to the stuff that is coming out – there are so many bands out there that are going toe to toe with one another, and if people can’t listen to more then the top, then they aren’t getting the full “experience

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