Is flute harder than violin? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Lessons For Acoustic Guitar

Yes and no. The answer depends on the type of flute you are playing. Generally, a guitar is faster than a flute so you will have to play more aggressively to hit the high keys of a guitar. Therefore guitar-based flutes are easier to play than flute-based ones. On the other hand, flutes are not as easy to play as guitars. Therefore, you will have to apply your playing more carefully and not get too wild when playing guitar-based versions of flutes.

In fact, when playing a flute with an amp or guitar, it is more difficult to play guitar-oriented versions of instruments. If you are playing a very loud flute, the way your playing is naturally generated may not be the best (that is why I recommend to play with a quieter and less-frenetic flute). However, with other instruments, like flutes, you can change the sound by varying the note timbre.

You need some practice.

Not always. Sometimes, I have to find some other kind of relaxation, e.g., reading books on a laptop, playing chess on the go, or something similar. In such cases, I don’t need to practice too much, so my ears and muscles get used to the speed and the sound quality gradually.

What about the guitar part that leads into the violin passage, e.g., the G?

Well, in the beginning the fingerings were not as precise as they are now. I still do some of the fingerings on the guitar today on the bridge (except for G). This guitar part is more like a bass guitar. I like using the strings with different vibrato types. I think the fingerings for a G can be quite long and I find it important to be careful when playing with different vibrato types and speeds. This can sometimes make the chords harder to understand.

If I make a mistake in the G part, I tend to do the G part in F while playing through the chords. I found that I do the G part in F with my pick, and only play the E chords when I need to. As a result, I play the chords as a rhythm guitar when I am feeling anxious or want to be relaxed. If I play the chords, I usually have to practice the chord melody from memory in order to remember my chord progressions.

Is flute harder than instrument?

Probably not (although my guitar playing is more

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