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In a new video released Thursday evening, the man who killed two police officers in Dallas last year called for the murder of cops.

In addition to thanking Trump’s decision to order troops to the Middle East and saying he’s “totally committed to getting rid of radical Islam in this country,” the man also urged Donald Trump to “go after the root of the problem” — Muslims.

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The man said, “And when I say the root the problem, I’m talking about radical Islam. When I say I’m totally committed to getting [radical Islam] out of this country so that you don’t have ISIS, you don’t have those people in your country, and they’ll go away, you know, I mean, look at San Bernardino.” (That mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, killed 14.)

In December, the man who was killed in a stabbing rampage in Chicago said he would kill police if given the chance.

“I don’t care what you say that Muslims are the problem, the reason I do it is because I wanna hurt them. I wanna kill them all,” the man said.

He added, “We’re gonna take their guns away or we’re gonna take them out.”

The man also told Trump that “I don’t care” who’s in charge of the country, saying, “You either work with us or you work for us.” (As we reported earlier this month, during the presidential campaign, when Trump said he would put a “big, beautiful border wall” up while he was president and said some Mexicans were sending drug dealers over the border, he was criticized on Twitter, including by former rival Ted Cruz.)

His latest video isn’t the first time he’s criticized Trump. In July, the man who was killed in Dallas blamed Trump for the shooting. In September, the man in Chicago called on Trump to be put in a “body bag” and also called him names like “bitch.”

After the president made the announcement about troop deployments

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