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Welcome to our new guide to the best decks you can play with your new deck. We’ll cover all the different types of decks that can be played with most of the common decks being built currently and also the ones that haven’t really been released yet. This deck guide is going to give you insight into the different types of decks you might want to play with your deck, so that you can figure out what kinds of decks to play with and what kind of meta to expect.

Here we go!

What kinds of decks should you play with your new deck?

How do you start out?

How much money are you spending on this deck?

I hope that this guide helps you out with your first deck, and with all the information you’ll learn, you’ll be able to start out with a great start. This doesn’t mean you should immediately buy EVERY sort of card in your deck. The goal is to build an awesome deck that works with all sorts of play styles and playstyles you might have to have. In my first guide, I told you to play more Control decks than Aggro decks, but then there were some things that you needed to keep in mind such as the power curve that your deck has, how your deck is constructed and the game plan in general. In this upcoming guide, I’m going to get into the specifics and the various things that you need to keep in mind to build an awesome deck, so that you’ll be able to win faster and play out every turn with the deck and get the most out of it.

Why should you start with a Control deck?

Firstly, there are three main reasons:

1. Control decks have the most consistent win conditions

2. Control decks have more consistency

3. Control decks are better against control than aggro decks

So you can use the Control deck as a guide for building your deck while you’re experimenting with different decks. You’ll never make the exact same deck that you can only play with once or twice, but it should help you get a good idea of what the decks you should want to play with are.

If you take this into consideration then you’ll have to start thinking about the matchups. Control decks always have the best control matchups, so that is your best way to figure out what kind of deck you

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