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The most common question we get asked is about short nails versus long nails vs no nails. In most cultures long nails are used for the beauty of the instrument, whereas short nails are used for the practicality and ease of use. As you can see from the image above, short nails allow for easier finger placement, while long nails are required to balance your strings and make them move around.

The idea

Let’s say you want to learn to play a ukulele. You need to start out with the basics such as fingering and string height, but you are going to want to play with longer sticks of varying lengths. For this we will cover the length needed to play a simple string melody along with the technique of picking, strumming and strumming with the tips.

Using nails

If you are considering short nails, you should definitely look into our short nails guide which will teach you the steps to nail your instrument. We’ll go into the specific benefits and disadvantages of short nails as well. Short nails are generally preferred to long nails because they are easier and don’t need to be bought from a store when you play. Some prefer them since they’re easier on the hands during playing.

What about long nails?

Once you take the idea to a deeper level, there are many benefits to using a longer stick than short nails. We’ll go into details later.

For now we’ll simply point out why you need long nails to play a ukulele.
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What is the difference between a short and long nail?

The short nail is the same length as the longer sticks, it can span across the fingerboard. You will have to choose a stick that matches your finger length to play the ukulele. This will make picking and strumming easier due to your finger being easier to pick and strum with.

What are the benefits of nails?

In the photo at the top we see how you might need to work one nail as you play a short note and then move your finger to another note. The short nail allows you to keep playing and keep your finger moving while continuing to progress along the melody. With longer sticks or fingers you will need to stop, lift the stick and begin over again. This causes unnecessary strain on your wrist and hand.


If you are using nails you will need to have a stick used instead of a flat wooden

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