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Pitch is made of two major components–the elastic and the elastic-reel. The elastic-reel is a string of small pieces that is used to lift and bend the pitch into an elastic form.

How did the elastic-reel revolutionize the construction process for high-speed roller bearings? By making the reels and wires smaller, the roller bearings have a much smaller mass, which enables the use of less material and time in their manufacture. In turn, the smaller sizes enable the reels (and wires) to be less bulky and therefore lighter.

What is the ideal width for a roller bearing? This is related to the width of your roller bearings. The ideal width is determined by the density of the pitch. When the pitch’s density reaches a certain point, the ideal width is reached. This point corresponds to a certain range of rolling speeds for the bearings: the speed at which most bearings will lose their elasticity. If roller bearings have a density of only 0.3 g/cc, most will become completely elastic. However, if this density goes up to 0.7 g/cc or 0.9 g/cc, the bearing will no longer be an elastic device, and the ball will remain too thick. In the above example at 0.7 g/cc, a diameter of 2.5 mm had to be added.

How often should roller bearings be replaced when they are worn through? Always. Always. The first time this is needed is if your bearings have come into contact with something abrasive. For example, abrasive chips can damage your bearings. If this happens, always replace any bearings that have already come in contact with abrasive. Do not try your own bearings (and their bearings); this can lead to damage.

What happens if my bearings start to wear through? They start to lose their elastic properties and start to buckle. If the rubber-band-like material in the roller bearings begins to wear through (as happens if your bearings are damaged by having the rubber band in contact with abrasive), the roller bearing stops having its elastic characteristics, and can eventually come into contact with abrasive, and the belt begins to buckle. When the belt first buckles, it can result in a flat, worn-out bearing, or the bearings will eventually come in contact with their first contact with abrasive to give the characteristic ‘clicking’ sound that occurs when moving the wheel or roller bearing over certain things and then back to the original position. This ‘

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