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Tars water can become trapped in a closed container and will not flow through a pipe.

What does the tar tell me about the condition of the pipe?

Tars water is a natural product that is very good quality. In fact, when tar water is collected in a closed container, the moisture content is about 70% and it is often available at a price lower than a traditional water from a public water source. There are two main reasons for this.

First, tar water has no chemical reaction with any of the other ingredients of drinking water. Its only chemical reaction is with hydrogen sulfide.

It will also become a waste product as it does not pass through your pipes. In a closed container, it will last indefinitely.

Why did the pipe leak?

Tars water from the pipe in question had leaked into private water, where some people would have had to use bottled or treated water because the water was being used by someone else.

What should I do now?

A pair of new studies, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), suggest that brain regions activated when you read will lead to greater creativity in a new way.

The findings, announced in the journal Science Thursday (Sept. 25), are in the line of evidence that suggests, in the brain, writing, math, and language are strongly connected.

“For the first time, we can track brain activity as we read and find those brain regions that are activated when you actually solve a problem,” said lead researcher Michael Lippold from the UCSF Memory & Cognition Laboratory. The result, “is that writing is actually more creative than speaking in terms of your brain wiring.”

The brain regions that will be most closely tied to writing, Lippold said, are those that are more interconnected to the prefrontal cortex. That’s the part of the brain that handles planning, short-term memory, planning for what the next step will be, how best to deal with setbacks and other challenges in daily life, and in terms of how you think. It is the one area of the brain that is in a constant state of activation and change.

“What we found was that while talking does have a strong effect, it leads to the same connectivity of areas of the brain that are associated with planning,” Lippold said.

The results confirm earlier data showing “creative” writing has a higher density of connections compared to speaking and the spoken word itself

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