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The Prophet said, “If you are a good singer, there (in paradise) there is no harm.” (Ibn Mas’ud vol.4 p.537)
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Do you know if singing is haraam to be a singer in paradise?

“There is no harm in singing (singing) one’s favourite song if there is any hope (of hearing Allah)’s praise.” (Aisha’s Sunan, 5:56)

However, one may also sing for his own amusement at a certain time or place.

It is not haram to pray salaah or Zuhr (prayer of thanksgiving) between singing and performing other activities.

“When a person is singing and performing other activities which give a sense of satisfaction, this is allowed.” (Sunan Abu Dawud, 1625)

Are it haram to listen to narrations that I have narrated to others orally.

Allah says:

“But one of those who hear your narration and do not believe in (the message), let them be as the birds which go about the earth (to gather grain, seed and leaves).” (Al Ahzab, 5:8)

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