Is a semitone a half step? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Notes Images Music

What’s that? You can’t say a half step! That’s an insane number!

Oh, I’m sorry. A half step?! How do you say half step?

Half way!

Oh no! Okay. Well…

You know what? If you’re so worried about the sound of this thing, why don’t you think about this. Every single human being has a tongue. This is just…

I’m sorry. Do you really think everyone who’s ever played a trumpet is a jazz musician? That’s just crazy.

There’s something about jazz that I find hard to describe. It just seems to be like something you hear in the background or something you only know about if you’re a fan.

No, there’s nothing else. What else?


I’m going to give you a few guesses…

Oh…what about trumpet?

Ohhh. Well, I think it was the late, great Albert Lee Williams that suggested that you try that first. Now, you know this thing isn’t very sensitive. This particular thing has been through a lot of problems. It’s not going to be as accurate if you blow into it too much. But you are able to actually pick up the notes the way Albert Lee did the first time. But I promise you as soon as you start blowing into this thing again, what you’re going to hear is a lot higher quality.

What?! That’s not true!! How did you know?!

I’ve been playing trumpet for years now. I have more experience than you have. I just think that you can actually hear this thing. You don’t hear what everybody else sounds like. When I got on the horn for the “Hello, Mr. Rogers” program, the first thing I did was give the kid a piece of paper and told him he couldn’t play that piece of paper because I wouldn’t be able to hear it. There’s this thing called the human voice. It’s almost like singing, only louder…

That’s why they say, “No, I want the voice of Jesus!”

Wow…you’ve got some nerve there, “A.J.”

But I know that if only we could get the “Hello, Mr. Rogers” guys…

The human voice?

Yeah, this is the human voice.

…to sing the “Hello, Mr. Rogers” song. There they are

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