How can I improve my singing voice? – Learn How To Use Crystal Singing Bowls

Practice, practice, practice.

Do you have any tips or advice on how to enhance your voice? I love to sing the piano. Do you have any suggestions on where to find good quality music? I love doing a little homework and try to get a little extra time when I can, or I’d start to learn how to get more time when I have no voice.

Where can I find the best places to find music? Google music is awesome. Spotify is also good. There are so many websites that you can go to.

Can you tell me which bands and musicians have contributed to your music? I’ve worked with some amazing people along the way and they are amazing. I don’t list every band or artist I work with for fear of turning it into some kind of “I work with these people all of the time” list.

As an aspiring professional singer, what are your dream roles? I’ve always done music in a theatre setting but have never had a choice of being a vocal actor. My dream role would be one of the narrator/lead in a stage musical. What’s the one part you’ve done that you’re particularly proud of? When I first started singing, I was just playing music and I thought “How’s this going to turn out?” You’ve described your singing as “strange”. But in what ways? I’ve always been able to be spontaneous and just sing my heart out, but recently I’ve started to learn to sing very well. It’s been really liberating.

What is your dream job? Not sure which one yet, but I’ve always wanted to do an orchestra.

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