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In many ways, it is, but as we move into the end of the school year we are having a meeting to determine how best to spend this extra time. I’ve already decided to focus my attention on music and music theory. If I decide I’m ready for that, I will start the school year in late June. So that means my schedule will be a little different than the usual one. If it does go well, I will not have to miss class!

There is no way I would have the time to do music, but that’s not why I wanted to move to the US. My dream is to take my husband and three-year-old son to England and live with my friends (and maybe one day I will see my own family again). If I could take them in that direction for a year, then I can give them an even better life than my own.

But if my current dreams are not possible and I’m already 40, it’s tough in a lot of ways. I would have to move back to my mother country (I am currently in Berlin), I would have to take a semester out of school, I would have to move to Seattle or Los Angeles, and I may have even have to start my children on an entirely different schedule. So yes, I am planning to wait until I’m ready for full-time work.

What did you think of the news? What do you hope to accomplish moving to the US at age 40? And who would you move with if you were to go overseas in 2017?

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Mental Health Statistics Summary (pdf)

NPS data for the year 1989/90 and 1990/91 are displayed below:

Source: NPS Mental Health Statistics Summary, 1989/90 and 1990/91

NPS Mental Health Statistics Summary (pdf)

The National Center for Health Statistics in collaboration with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), conducted the National Mental Health Survey (NPS MHS). NPS MHS is a nationally representative survey designed to collect data on mental health in the United States. The survey includes a number of questions about recent behavior and mental health and also collects information on specific types of mental health care.

Information on mental illness is essential to understand who is at high risk for developing mental illness and, therefore, the impact of treatment, particularly in communities with high prevalence of mental illness. By tracking trends in mental health over time, these data also provide information relating to changes

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