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The first step in learning to sing is to learn the basics of harmony. Harmony is an intricate dance of sounds, voices and bodies with each part working in unison to create an audible and expressive sound.

Learn the basic chords and chords in general

A chord is just a grouping of notes and chords is just two or more notes and chords. A major chord is the 5 notes in a major key and a minor chord is the 4 notes in a minor key. You may also sometimes see the words major and minor in the title of my music, so let’s get to what is meant by a major and minor chord.

What is the difference between major and minor?

Major is the name given to the key of A and minor is the name given to the key of B. In most cases, this minor key has more harmonies than major but some tunes have a minor change on the song. These minor changes are called “transitions” and they don’t necessarily sound the same.

So if you were taught to master the piano by piano teacher Michael Tilson Thomas (M.T – who taught me to play piano) you would study his music and learn to recognize the major and minor changes of the piano music.

To be able to remember all those major and minor chords, you would do the following,

Learn a musical scale or language

Learn how to play melodies

Start practicing the notes of one or two key musical scales, in particular one that’s in a scale that’s in a key that you have to write out in order to be able to play. For example, when you’re writing the scale a scale is just one of the notes in the keyboard. Some people do this by taking the piano keys and picking the notes of their piano keys and writing them in the scale. For example, in the key of A the key of C would be C, the chord C Major would be C or D Minor would be A.

Then you learn all the chords in a key based on those notes.

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In the same way, you learn scales and languages, that are easy to learn. It’s like learning to dance a skill that takes place in the real world when you learn new moves.

Learn a language for singing

You can find a language online that’s easy for you to learn using audio lessons or CDs. It doesn’t have to be the only language you speak, this will just be what you can sing in.

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