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It is more useful to understand why proofreading is important. For example, we can make a simple mistake when a copy of our webpage must be passed on to one reader while we can only fix it via a proofreader’s review.

For each task we make of proofreading, we can have one copy in our database and one copy in our live system. Then as a rule we only see the one, the proofreader gets to deal with the other copy. Therefore we can set up a workflow where we just make sure that the proofreader gets to edit the webpage once a week, and we can then have a single system for that task with all the others handled by the copy editor.

How do I become a proofreader?

You can join an organisation that is working on a Proofreading initiative and read more about our certification and accreditation. It gives you the necessary experience and knowledge that you can be happy delivering your role.

In our experience, organisations such as EDS and Proofreader have the highest quality of the proofreading jobs in our network and a high reputation.

Do I need certification?

Most importantly we are not saying for sure that one is not good enough to be proofread. You need knowledge and experience that comes with an organisation and not just a course or certification.

When a company has certified a person as a proofreader, what does that mean?

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For example, an organisation such as EDS is certified to deliver proofreading to customers in Europe. This can be a requirement when doing a few different things, for example, we have offices around Europe. All customers have to have a Proofreading qualification.

What should I do when I can’t find a reliable proofreader?

Don’t be discouraged. You can still be successful. When you are working with Proofreading organisations that have certified you as a proofreader, make them aware of your experience and ability using their system.

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