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1. AutoCAD: The best program to use for editing photos is AutoCAD. It is the free digital image editor. Here, users can choose any of many photo filters to achieve their desired photo effect.

2. Photoshop: The most difficult to use software to edit photos is Photoshop. The best Photoshop program is PhotoShop. You can create amazing Photoshop effects, and even share those effects to others.

3. Adobe Photoshop Elements: The best program to use for editing photos is Adobe Photoshop Elements. The free program is capable with a variety of editing applications. Users can create effects such as grain, noise, colors, and gradients. It also gives users control of the layers, and users can use the different filters to enhance the photos.

4. Blender 2: The second best free photo editor is Blender 2. Blender 2 supports several photo editing programs such as Photoshop and the free PhotoShop. There is also a full-featured blender for creating animations. It has tools to create different types of filters (such as a grain effect), and users can use the filters to add grain to photos.

5. Aviary: The easiest to use software is Aviary. The free program is capable with different photo editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop. It has tools to create filters (such as grain, distortion) and can also be used for creating custom effects.

Which software do professional photographers use to edit photos?

Although the industry likes to see each and every professional photographer edit photos for fun and profit, it is not always a reality in many cases. However, there are some very common editing tasks that can be performed by a professional photographer with basic software.

1. Optimize image size: In general, photos should be optimized to fit the screen in a way that doesn’t cause visual lag. Many image editing programs may have tools to do this.

2. Add text & graphics to photos: This is also usually not included with professional photographers, as much as the fact that they would like to be able to add text & graphics to photos, however not everyone is an artist and does not have a graphic artist.

3. Use filters: One of the most common editing tasks is to use filters to bring color and texture into the photo. It is also possible to adjust the colors for photos for an added visual effect.

4. Enhance colors: Some of the common photos in photography are very gray and don’t have a

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