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There are two types of editing: a basic editing mode and the ability to use multiple tags in a single file, which we’ll talk about next, and a complete editing mode.

Basic Editing

The simple idea behind this mode is that you are editing the text in the file by using the Edit menu. However, there are some important things which you need to remember about editing:

You can only use Edit to edit a specific file or a particular line within a specified file, so you cannot use Edit in the file of a whole class.

A basic editing mode has two sub-windows (see Figure 2, below). The first one contains the current line of text, and is the one you want to edit. The second sub-window has all your tags in one column.

Figure 2: Basic editing mode

Note: This example illustrates the Edit menu while editing the file. While editing a class, we are editing the class itself.

The first tab’s main window is the sub-window, and if you click the Edit icon it turns into the main window. When you use a tag, you use the text tag, as shown at the second tab.

Basic Edit sub-windows

When you right-click on the highlighted (black) character of one of the files in your project, you get the option to create a sub-window, in which you can edit a few text items and then save it in that same file.

This will give you some additional editing shortcuts (see Figure 3, below).

Figure 3: Basic Editing sub-windows

The Editing sub-window allows you to create various ways to edit a file. In this example, we will use the tags ‘foo’, ‘bar’, and ‘baz’, so we’ll create a sub-window called ‘tags’, where we can edit and save the following:


Text for TagName [foo bar baz]


Text for TagDescription [foo bar baz]


Path to the TagFile


Name of the current text or tags


Description of the current text or tags


Path to the TagFile .

The following screenshot shows these three sub-windows:

Selecting an item from the sub-windows allows you to:

Move the item to another sub-window (select

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