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The first stage is to write a story, the second to write character’s stories and have the characters react to the story. The third stage is to write the story into a script, and then you’ve gone to the fourteenth to write the movie. The stage of writing is a constant process. However, we are not done at writing a script yet. We go to edit and revise and try to make it perfect.

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The script usually needs to be re-written a number of times before the movie gets made. The main reason to rewrite is always that what we do has to be better, that we have to improve what we are doing. It also depends on the budget as it should not be too expensive to make the movie. After the rewrite, the movie is ready or it not.

How is writing the script for a film different from writing a book? Both movies do get made by movies!

To give you an idea, I’ve watched a couple of movies recently — The Devil Knows I Told You So and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Both of them were written by me and the director is Robert Zemeckis of the same production company where I’m writing the screenplay for this movie.

One thing you need in each movie is to create suspense. In The Devil Knows I Told You So, Zemeckis uses music, he used sound effects, and he uses color to create a sense of menace or of intrigue. So one thing I am trying to do with this movie is to make the audience feel like they are inside Zemeckis’ head. Another thing that I will do is to use the most modern technology and gadgets, like the camera, sound, lights and editing.

What is the difference between directing a movie screenplay and writing a novel screenplay?

I can direct and write at the same time. I can also write a movie at the same time as a novel.

So if the screenplay tells the story that you wanted to tell, then the director and writer must be there. You have to write the story. How could you do that with the screenplay that you had just read?

That’s a great question. I think most people would never imagine there would be two people. One person who writes, and one person who directs. But in my career, I have written a lot more than I have directed.

When I wrote my first novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,

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