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If yes, what is it? You are not the first! We’re trying to find the best app (or any piece of software) out there.

“Dramatically different” – “One of the best books I’ve read this year so far.”

– “An absolute must-read for all fans of science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, zombie and all things sci-fi.” And:

“One of the top picks for any genre fan. Fantastic novel.”

You can now add your name to a long list of thousands of reviewers to praise the book for ‘dynamism’, ‘complex characters’ and ‘strong emotional core.’

The book is due to be published in the US and UK on May 19th, and in the US on May 21st.


The book is a science fiction story that is set in the near future and tells the story of a group of scientists who go head-to-head with an alien plague that wiped out the human race in the aftermath of a mysterious attack on their ship.

A group of scientists fight to escape a space station with the fate of the human race hanging in the balance. The aliens also take advantage of the remaining humans to conquer this solar system for itself. The book follows a group of survivors and an alien scientist on the search for answers, as an angry Earth and a powerful alien force both fight to destroy one another.

Truly a remarkable and engaging book where the alien is a crucial force and the survivors are important individuals. It is a story of discovery and survival that will appeal to fans of science fiction and science-fiction related writing alike, the aliens are a force to reckon with

But the book goes on to show that humanity has much more to learn from its mistakes so as to avoid becoming slaves to its deadly past.

The author of the book, Christopher Moore was a graduate researcher from the University of Kent and he now works as a consultant for the UK space programmes (e.g. NASA). In that context is the book a ‘must-read’?

It may not strike the first time an author has to explain why they wrote the book. In a similar vein, in the book it is explained that the alien is actually the villain and not the hero.

Moore’s explanation of the plot and the book’s ending has been discussed so many times that I’m sure you can guess what that sentence is about. In this

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