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You can simply copy the metadata from any photo, and you should also have the metadata from the original photo in the Photos app. Otherwise, the metadata in Photos is often in the same place as the metadata in the original image, so to create this metadata, you must open the original photo or save it to your device. For example, if you’ve taken a photo of a house, and you want to make the house look real and complete, open the source for that house. Drag that photo inside Photos to do all the processing.

How are images made at iPhoto?

iPhoto doesn’t make any edits to your photos. You should consider making edits only on a photo by photo basis, since the majority of photos in the app have no metadata.

If you want to edit photos that are in the app but not in Photos, you can export the image to another format and then drag-and-drop those photos into Photos in order to edit them.

As mentioned above, to edit your photos, it’s best to look at the source photo first. You can edit it yourself, but do consider opening photos first in the app to make sure they are usable. Don’t save or open any images until you have verified that they are ready for editing, and don’t save or open any other photos until you have verified that they are ready for editing.

On a cold July day in the heart of the American Northeast, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appear to be locked in a dead heat for the most popular presidential choice in history, according to pollsters.

On Thursday, Morning Consult, a Washington research firm, asked voters in three different states: New Hampshire, Iowa and Pennsylvania.

The results show Trump at 42 percent; Clinton at 38; and Libertarian Gary Johnson at 7 percent. In New Hampshire, both Trump and Clinton polled within seven percentage points, 42 percent to 40 percent.

In Pennsylvania, Trump was the choice of 31 percent of the poll’s 2,700 nationwide registered voters, and Clinton was the choice of 26 percent. Johnson and the Green Party chose 6 percent, with 19 percent each.

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The two candidates who polled lower in Ohio were former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. John Kasich of Ohio. In Ohio, Romney had 11 percent, Kasich 21 percent and the Libertarian Gary Johnson at six percent.

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“It’s not over!” — A flashback

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