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The best part about editing your photos is that you’ve really only got one camera and you can adjust anything. To shoot the best, best-of, best-of or best-album photo you could possibly imagine with no adjustment at all, you’ll need great editing software. And for that, you’ll want a great tool. I use Camera+ for iPhone, because it’s free!

Do I just need a photo editor for editing my photos on my phone?

Of course! If you’re looking for great editing software to edit your photos on your phone, I highly recommend this:

Camera+ ($4.95)

With Camera+ you can adjust your images, apply filters, create HDR photos and more. Best of all, it’s really inexpensive. You’ll feel like a pro with Camera+! The app comes with 10-day trial and the full version goes for $24.95.

Do I need to spend big bucks to edit photos on my computer?

This is another valid argument, but you don’t have to spend a lot. A lot of my clients use the iPhone Camera app to edit their photos. This doesn’t need the expensive editing software like on your phone — it just needs to be an iPhone app.

Does it really need to be an iOS app to edit photos?

We’ve had clients say they love our Camera+ app but also hate the iOS version of Camera. Which is fair — if it’s an iPhone 7+ or iPhone X, it should work well on a wide range of iPhones.

Can I apply special effects to my photos?

Absolutely, as long as they’re not “creepy” (more like “gross”):


Vapor Mist

Top advice for couple photo editing Photoshop | Photoshop ...



Worm Hole

Raspberry Pie

Do I really need an app to edit my photos?

If you want to shoot great, quality photos without spending hundreds of dollars to pay your editor, Camera+ is the app for you.

Are there any tips or tricks anyone can teach me in editing photos?

One thing to remember is that if you’re going to use a camera app, that camera app will need to work with the iPhone camera API. And once they do, that’s the end of your editing, because there’s no way that you’ll see a filter in this app.

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