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Here are the best colors for women.


Women’s clothes also seemed to lose their romance. This trend continued into the 1950’s, but today’s women’s dresses have a lot more fabric and padding for extra bulk. Even though the trend of “cute” clothing continues to appear, we see the fashion industry begin pushing more attention to what is considered “sexy,” especially in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

1950’s – Sizes are smaller and the colors look a lot different

1920′s – Dresses are still beautiful, women look more chubby and have the curves of a 40`s woman.

1960’s- Women have a lot more skin showing, but you don’t see as small a beltline.


1920′s – Women’s clothes look as beautiful. Look at a dress from the 1930’s and feel like you are wearing the 1940’s.


1920′s – There are less stripes and fewer pleats, and your dress is much smaller and you are able to see the bustier part of your legs. This is the most flattering look for a woman of the decade.

1960′s – Women’s dresses look smaller and more structured with less padding with a larger beltline. They look smaller than their 1920′s counterparts. They’re also more modern, but still look the same.


1920′s – The skirt has more structure and is less open, the waist section looks more defined, and the beltline comes down, but not to the point of showing more than your knees. The skirt is a little less comfortable and the hem is tighter.


1920′s – Women have a lot more skin showing and the skirt is less open, the skirt fits a tighter fit and the beltline is a lot shorter.


1920′s There is quite a variety at the bottom of a dress, you don’t see many pleats.


1920′s – There is less skin showing than at the bottom of the 1920′s, but the skirt looks narrower and more structured


1920′s – The waist line for a dress is very more defined, though there are more pleats. Your waist is still pretty baggy, and the beltline is shorter than it was in the 1920′s. You’re a little more slender

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