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Was it the watchcase or the watch?

One thing that you can point to in the 1920s is that, while the watch itself was still in a period of transition, fashion in the American Midwest was beginning to pick up as well. A lot of these watches came from jewelry makers. So watchmakers, who had all these watches that they were making, like a watch in the 1920s was all about the design of the watch. It was the design of the movement that was on the movement. So, what was the design of the movement? What was the movement doing? Was it rotating? Was it moving?

And all those things were important. And you’d see people wearing a watch and having fun. So, it’s a little more of a romantic thing. And of course, people started to get interested in watches, and then you start putting it together into watches.

So, there’s a lot of influences going into how watchmaking and fashion work during this period.

Yes! I mean, that’s the beauty of fashion and the beauty of watchmaking in all its complexity: The complexity depends upon the influence. For example, in the 1910s, the American watchmakers started to take things back to a period of simplicity. A watch like this would have a simple design, in a minimalistic way. It wouldn’t have so many elements, it wouldn’t have the luxury that people wanted back then.

But, you know what it does have? Very simple hands, simple dials. And these watches went back much further, and there were some really sophisticated watches that had more complicated details.

That’s not to say it was always a clean simple design, though it was a lot more straightforward by today’s standards. It would depend on what style of watch you were wearing, what type of movements they were creating.

Yeah, I think that was an important element in that period, too. In the 1920s, many watches actually had beveled faces. And that’s a very clean and very minimalistic design. People just wanted to feel that they were very simple. They wanted to have their wrist be very minimalistic.

When you look at that style today, like with the modern “Dauphine” or the “Kiruna” watches, people are going back to the simplicity. It’s also the same for the watches made in Japan. There are now watches like the Miyota Nippon Watch with their minimalistic design

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