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I remember a time when flappers would be called “flappers,” but now they have a new name. They have been renamed on both sides of the Atlantic, but the term “flapper” doesn’t apply, because we’re not so much wearing tights—we’re wearing our feet. And yes, there is still a sense of femininity in wearing high heels or high heels in general or wearing high heels. But let’s face it: We’re very much dressed up, more than we ever wear tights.

If a woman isn’t wearing heels today but has long, thick hair, it doesn’t always mean she’s a woman. We’re not just dressed for work. Sometimes, we wear heels because we’re women.

You’re a fashion designer.

Yes we are, and it started with my brother’s fashion book called Fashionable Cats. We wanted to have girls’ lines with images of cats with long hair because they’re very feminine, and a lot of our girls are very feminine too. The cat thing was something that our parents were into, because cats are beautiful, and then we thought, “Wow, we could write a book with beautiful, fabulous cat photos.”

I remember a lot of the clothing we make is really cute. If we were an animal, we’d be a kitty. I think of it as a way to express femininity.

A fashion designer’s daughter.

Yes. I want to create designs that speak to the girls that I’m trying to educate and inspire. There are so many fashion designers who look at young girls and say, “Look at what you can do.” But there are so few women designers who look at young women and say, “You can do that, too.”

You’ve written a book called A Girl Is a Girl. What’s your message to young girls who might be thinking about being into fashion?

The message is I’m here to give them inspiration. You look young and you have a very important role to play in society. Don’t let anyone tell you that being fashion-forward is just a boys’ thing. We’ve got to work on our inner beauty too. For example, when I see young women who are going into fashion, it’s mostly because they have these super-pretty girlfriends, and these super-pretty friends that take pictures of them.

I remember when we started our company, A Girl Is a Girl, many people laughed at us because we

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