Why does tattoo removal take so long? – Tattoo Removal Cream

There are various reasons for this. Usually an area or tattoo must have been covered for a longer period of time in order to achieve the result desired.

1. Stretched and Deformed Ink

When a tattoo goes away from its original purpose, it is stretched, or broken, resulting in the removal of the ink. As a result, the tattoo will be covered over to some extent, sometimes even becoming a full scar.

2. Stitches

When the ink was removed from the skin and was in the form of “stitches,” a layer of white pigment would form. Since the white pigment was removed, then it will not be visible on a person’s skin as it did before it was removed.

3. Scarring

As skin is damaged, its natural oils and dead skin cells become trapped in the skin. As the wound heals, scar tissue develops. It’s possible these scarring areas will become infected or become more inflamed, creating a need to remove this overgrown growth.

The last reason, above, can be caused by a person having too much blood inside of the head or neck area.

3.1. The Brain

A person can get brain swelling related to tattoo removal if the tattoo is not properly washed out with water in an airtight container. If the tattoo is too thin or is completely removed, the blood supply will be cut off from the neck wound and the brain may swell to the point there is no chance of healing.

4. The Head

If the tattoo is near the spinal cord or its area of nerve endings, there is a risk of brain damage. Tattoos can also affect the brain tissue surrounding the brain or spinal cord when the tattoo is removed. Tattoos may also result in damage to the optic nerve.

5. The Skin

The skin is a delicate tissue. It is a natural body part that can easily come into contact with things like tattoos. In fact, one study suggests a number of areas of the body can be at risk of getting some type of tattoo that could cause damage to the skin.

6. The Eyelid

Tattoos can be rubbed on the eyelid, and can increase the risk of eye damage.

To be safe, you should always tattoo removal should be performed by a physician on a licensed medical professional. Tattoo removal shouldn’t be done on the same tattoo twice.

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