Why does skin blister after tattoo removal? – Time Between Tattoo Removal Sessions

It is a very common cause of blistering as a result of tattoo removal.

Tattooed skin has been coated with a lubricating substance so that the tattoo will adhere quickly to the skin. A small amount of the ink still remains when the skin is in a dry environment and the skin will blister. A tattoo that has dried may be more prone to this because of a lack of moisture.

Tattoo removal is sometimes done during a session so that no one is present when the skin is removed. Because of this, some people become allergic when they come in contact with the area.

For this reason it is important to remove the tattoo in a dry, clean and well-ventilated environment, preferably with no equipment or tools in the area.

If the tattoo does not have a long-lasting adhesive, then it may be possible to leave an adhesive on the skin. It may be best to leave the tattoo in place for a few days to ensure that the skin does not become sticky or oily.

It is vital that the areas that you are leaving a tattoo adhere to each other after a while so that it doesn’t pull apart, or become a permanent barrier.

Other causes of tattoo removal blistering include:

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Acne or acne scars (also known as scars of aging);

Skin irritation from products or other skin substances including: alcohol, perfume, soap, etc. and the sun (especially in the early and late stages of sun exposure);

Skin diseases including a condition called eczema or atopic dermatitis;

Hair loss (e.g. dry hair, balding spots, baldness);

Facial acne;


A condition called atrophic scars or skin cancer (the result of the body’s natural self-cleansing processes, such as over use of anti-inflammatory drugs, and improper use of cosmetic procedures such as skin whitening or tanning);

Hair loss;

Skin cancer as a result of exposure to radiation or the sun;

Hair loss caused by acne or from any other skin disorder (also known as atrophic scars or skin cancers);


Tobacco using or using any drugs or medication during the previous 6 months;

An injury to the skin, such as a break or scrape;

A bacterial infection of the skin;

Excessive sweating, such as excessive perspiration

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