Why does my tattoo look darker after laser removal? – How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost 2020

It’s likely that the laser will have already damaged the epidermis of your tattoo. Laser repair has also been shown to darken your tattoo significantly over time.

This could be caused by two things:
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Tattoos that contain pigment in the pigment layer of the epidermis have suffered from over-follicle problems, which are caused by an imbalance of the pigment and the blood supply to the pigment. Laser-repair may have made the pigment more available to the epidermis, but may not have been able to remove all of its pigment and reduce the blood supply. Over-pigmentation could also be caused by the pigment being damaged by UV exposure, so you may need to find a colourant that can help to make the tattoo less sensitive to this kind of damage. It’s also possible that a laser has damaged the pigment layer of other areas on your tattoo, such as on your back or on your groin. For more, visit my Laser Tattoo Removal Guide

Does my tattoo have damaged cartilage or hair?

Yes it does, but that won’t affect its lasting aesthetic benefit. When we do laser treatment, we don’t just use an energy beam from a laser to destroy a tattoo. In fact, we also target the underlying underlying structure of the skin through a process called “fracture and excision” (FUE). This essentially means we take out the damaged surface and replace it with an entirely fresh surface. All of the layers that make up your tattoo (skin, cartilage, hair) are broken down and replaced.

What are the risks of laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal doesn’t necessarily have risk factors other than over- or under-exposure to harmful UV rays. The most common concerns about the use of lasers are:

Risks related to over-exposure to harmful UV (including the effects of laser phototherapy )

) Risks related to the use of laser for the sole purpose of damaging or destroying a tattoo, such as hair or nail removal

If you’re concerned about potential risks from laser tattoo removal, then seek information about the treatment first.

If there is a concern that you’re at greater risk of death or injury as a result of your tattoo, call 01903 515200 for free advice from the UK’s leading tattoo expert.

What can I wear if I have a tattoo?

It is very important for you to use protective clothing during laser

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