Where do tattoos fade the most?

That depends on how severe is the damage. If your original is damaged due to a break in it, like a nail bit, you’re still getting benefits because you still have the original nail in your body. Your new tattoo is temporary, too, and unless you’ve just been pierced, has already healed and your new tattoos are on completely different areas of the body, they will fade to the same level. Also, new tattoos can have a much higher level of healing if you have the original where it’s broken.

Can I return it?

No. Not unless the damage is truly irreparable and cannot be replaced with another artwork. Also, I don’t have any kind of process for taking care of a damaged tattoo. If I do, I don’t have a clue what to do with it. I just ask that you not send it to me.

For those who may not be concerned about the cost or size of their tattoo…

You can always ask your friends and family about the cost/size of one of my artwork. And if it seems like their tattoo is too large for your comfort level, go with something lower. Just be aware that someone with an extremely large tattoo can still make a good amount of money, so be sure to ask your friends and family if they can pay you.

When do I order it?

You can order it right here and pay online as soon as I have your package received and completed. The shipping is only $7 to any destination, USA addresses included. It takes about 10 business days after payment is cleared to get your piece. If you are ordering a portrait of your loved one, I may ask where you want it, but usually they want it in my studio and will not be paying the shipping cost.

If I have the image at my studio then…

After I receive your artwork, I will ship your piece to you. When I ship it, you choose where you want it. I am not supposed to ship to a city, state, country or business- address. If you are ordering a portrait of someone, I would advise that they want their painting to be at my studio.

Who will use it?

Any portrait artist/artist would love to use your art, and I am not responsible for the work quality. Please email me with any questions you may have.

Is this worth it?

You have to do that for the money! It is absolutely worth it.