What qualifications do you need for laser tattoo removal?

You’ll need to complete a local or local training programme depending on what type of laser removal device you need to remove your tattoo.

For a local laser tattoo removal course, you need:

A tattooing session at your local practice

A certificate from the tattooing firm where you received your tattoo and a signed letter from the practice confirming they are offering a local laser tattoo removal course

You’ll be given time in school during the course to prepare your resume, where you can be quizzed on your knowledge of tattoo removal.

You can apply for a local laser tattoo removal course online here .

For a local training course, you’ll need:

A certificate from your local tattooing doctor or surgeon (a tattoo removal certificate), and a letter from the clinic verifying your knowledge of tattoo removal

You’ll also need to submit evidence of your tattoo removal experience.

You can apply for a local training course online.

What are the conditions if I apply for laser tattoo removal surgery?

You’ll need to have a medical examination by your doctor or surgeon.

They’ll also need to provide:

A detailed medical history

A current medical certificate that shows your medical history and your treatment plan

An assessment that is:


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that includes a detailed description of your laser tattoo removal procedure

If you have any medical conditions, their treatment plan will need to also be carried out.
“Comprehensive” means that you are required to undergo treatment for your conditions under your own medical guidance.

“Evidence-based” means that you provide supporting evidence.

What are the possible risks of laser tattoo removal surgery?

There is no known way to predict the potential risks of laser tattoo removal surgery.

There is no evidence to suggest it is a good idea to follow a course of any type of laser tattoo removal procedure or to have any type of surgery at all unless you’re very good at recognising and understanding the risks.

There is some evidence that if you have a previous infection, it can be harder to treat if you undergo laser removal surgery. It’s always a good idea to check that you’re fully healthy before any procedure.

If you have any physical or psychological problems, they might be more difficult to manage if you decide laser tattoo removal is a good option for you. Consult your doctor before making a decision