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There are things you could do to make sure you don’t hurt yourself, or even more troubling how to actually get a laser tattoo removed. This post, which is also a good place to start, will talk about what not to do and even some of the mistakes you might make. I’ve got a couple other lists like this one that cover a ton of topics if anyone wants to dig into all the different types of laser tattoo removal procedures.

What Not To Do After Laser Tattoo Removal

1 – Don’t go under the knife for a second time

There is something incredibly risky and dangerous about doing a second laser tattoo, even though it will probably be successful with less scarring. The reason why is that the second laser treatment doesn’t tend to go well. And it is a problem that has been extensively researched. In fact two out of three people who do a procedure like this find that it does not work well on them and that they get something better right away.

Here is what the results of the second laser treatment are typically like:
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90% of people do not like the results

35% feel no scarring and have had multiple procedures

6% don’t like the results and get a little bit of scarring

3% look like they had a third laser or even a fourth before seeing results

3% say there were no results – this is actually a better result than if the laser had not even been done…

2. Do it in a well-lit area

If you want a tattoo or a piercing done in the dark, take some time and learn what to look for and how this will affect you. The light doesn’t always get what it wants and the dimly-lit room can be a scary environment.

The two most frequent things that can happen when a tattoo is done in the dark are that it burns faster and looks worse or that it causes the scarring to become much worse.

So whether or not the tattoo burns faster – and what other signs might you look for – are going to play a huge role in making sure that you are comfortable doing a laser tattoo removal with any type of laser.

3. Don’t do it under poor lighting

This is an issue that is more common with lasers for piercings than it is for laser tattoos. If you’re going to do a laser tattoo removal, make sure you can have a good exposure to the sun or at least have the ability to

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