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For the first time ever, I’d never recommend anyone do any of the traditional post-tattoo healing, in case you have any medical conditions you’re worried about. Here’s why.

1. The procedure might do more harm than good.

A laser is extremely powerful. The beams can hurt your eyes, the skin and your heart. I’ve heard about people’s eyes burning and eyes with corneal damage. This isn’t a good thing. But the risks don’t decrease if you avoid laser treatment altogether.

2. You can die.

When a laser is used in an uncontrolled fashion like I did, the possibility of death can occur. And I’ve learned one thing — laser is painful for two weeks after treatment, and your skin heals so slowly if you try to ignore the burning. So don’t let anyone pressure you to get laser. It’s not your fault.

3. Your tattoos may disappear.

If you keep laser to a minimum while you rehab, your tattoos will be gone within 6-8 months. So it’s best to take your tattoo removal seriously. Don’t expect that it’s going to look like it always was, but it’s not impossible.

This is why you don’t really need to use a tonne of healing lotion or toner. You’d be better off applying skin cream or some sunscreen.

Some doctors advise keeping in-custody tattooed people (especially teenagers) away from lasers; and some even suggest the opposite method of removing tattooed skin entirely! But, when it comes to laser, it’s really up to you to decide who you’re comfortable with.

(Some tattooed people also report that the removal process can be painful. Don’t worry about it! You’ll be fine. I did it too.)

What about you?

Have you tried laser toner or skin cream to heal or remove a tattoo? I’d love hearing your feedback. Tell us what your experience was like and whether it worked or not.

(This article was first published back in 2006 by Dr. Jay R. Williams, M.D

This article first appeared on Dr. Jay’s Site.

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