What is the fastest way to remove a tattoo? – Tattoo Removal Pain

When it comes to tattoo removal, there are really three methods, with different degrees of success:

You can follow the recommendations of tattoo tattoo removal professionals, who usually require removal of the whole pigmented, permanent tattoo. If that isn’t possible, the best option is tattoo removal under water. As with all other tattoos, your tattoo removal experience will depend on its permanence and location. Water can affect both the permanence of the tattoo and the location of the spot that was removed. Water can also damage skin tissue, causing you to be more susceptible to complications like scabs and scarring. A lot of the time, water is the easiest option to use. Just be mindful of its properties!

Tattoo removal under a light bulb

If you’re not sure where you want to tattoo, this might actually be a cheaper option for your health and comfort than having a professional remove it. Although the light-bulb method does work better for most, it can leave permanent marks. After you pull the bulb out of your tattoo, there’s another step required: removing the permanent ink from the tattoo. This is a simple procedure that can be accomplished with water, but there are many issues that need to be resolved. The best way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself at your home or to see whether it’s done well or badly.

If you prefer the second method, you can have a professional tattoo removal technician remove the tattoo under a lightbulb without any permanent markings. There are just two problems: You’re still exposed to the potential risk of permanent skin damage, and it takes longer than it needed to remove the tattoo.

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