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The side effects of tattoo removal include skin irritation, dryness, loss of pigment, and scarring. For most people, skin irritation is not a problem. However, some people experience temporary skin irritation during and for several weeks after tattoo removal and others become sensitive, particularly those who are not used to being tattooed or who have some previous history of skin irritation. There is also concern that laser removal may cause permanent scarring. It is important to remember that the risks and safety of tattoo removal from laser are not completely understood. Many people experience mild skin irritation that lasts for about a day or two. Contact a health care provider or doctor immediately if you experience any irritation or any irritation of a more serious nature. If the irritation persists for more than a few days, dermatologist may suggest discontinuing the procedures.

I’ve had one of these procedures done in the past, is it worth it?

In the past, a large portion of tattoo removal procedures were done on children with a relatively high risk of scarring from this procedure. Although the risks of scarring during tattoo removal as a result of laser were lower than the risks of scarring due to other procedures, the risk of scarring increased with the number of procedures an individual underwent. This is because the more time required to achieve the laser in the skin, the greater the risk of scarring.

The risks of laser tattoo removal are still fairly high, therefore this is not considered a high-risk procedure for most individuals with light-colored or light-skinned skin. If skin irritation occurs in any part of the body and it is not more than one or two days after treatment that the physician is asked to contact a health care provider, then you have the option to have the procedures completely removed. This option is not usually available if the individual would like to have the procedures completely removed.

Should I tell my health care provider if I have any concerns about laser tattoo removal?

Not unless the individual has had several previous tattoo removal procedures. Otherwise, you can tell your health care provider even if you have not had any serious concerns prior to the first tattoo removal.

Where can I find information about laser tattoo removal?

The website for the American Association of Dermatologists, which is a national organization representing tattooists, was created as the primary source of information on tattoo removal from laser laser.

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The web sites of the American Academy of Dermatology and the Dermatology Association contain useful information about laser tattoo removal as

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