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A lot of the time we make a mistake when it comes to removing tattoos. We end up creating a lot of unnecessary scars in the process. For example, the red and pink scars that I keep getting are not that bad, right? But they are getting rid of more beautiful ones.

Why do some people get stuck in tattoos?

Sometimes we get tattoos that have no meaning. Just take a look at this white tattoo on my wrist—this is me:

How do you clean the tattoo?

We clean the tattoo with a soap made from olive oil and a few drops of vinegar. I’m not a big fan of the vinegar because it’s not healing anything. On the upside, it smells good and makes some people feel better about the tattoo, although the majority of people can’t stand the smell. It just adds to our headache because we’re already under so much pressure.

How do you feel about being covered in tattoos when you travel? It seems like an unfortunate fate.

I’m thankful that everything will be covered up soon, since I was the one getting covered. I hate that we can’t get rid of all these things. The best way for me to travel and do my work is to hide all my tattoos.

How much do you plan on tattooing this summer?

A lot. I have a lot of tattoos to get done, too.

How do you view the way the tattoos are presented on your body?

When I put a tattoo on, I’m a bit relieved that they have been painted by myself in the correct colors. I like the idea of tattoos that look different on different bodies, like the green and yellow ones on my chest. They fit me so well and are so special. I also like tattoos done by a team of artists in the city. It reminds me of my father’s tattoo artist. I have no desire to be treated like a circus clown. I feel I’m a normal person with a normal personality.

Any parting words for my readers?

In the end, I’d like to say that I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished and am constantly grateful for the support I’ve received. I hope people will accept and appreciate me as a person and not a business. I hope more people see us as people rather than businesses.

It’s no secret that the world of the WWE was at a crossroads after the fall of 2009.

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