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As with all tattoos, there are different types of tattoos and some are easier to remove than others. With each type of tattoo there is a special kind of ink that is difficult to remove. With black and white tattoos, the removal is easiest with a razor blade. With dark colors and iridescent tattoos, such as coral and dragon on your upper chest, a fine sandpaper should be used because they are very difficult to remove.

How long do they last?

Most of the tattoo ink can only be removed when it is too late to get a fresh tattoo job. In the case of permanent tattoos, such as wedding invitations, the ink can be removed as soon as 6 months of age or when the child is about to start school. In some circumstances it may be possible for an adult child to have a permanent tattoo removed from before they are 18 months of age, but the process is not always straightforward.
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It is very important to know the specific date that a tattoo will be removed from children as the removal process will vary from one client to another. In some cases removal may be quick or almost immediate, but it may take from several months to a few years for a child to be fully healed before they are ready to have another tattoo removed. In some instances it may even take several years before a child can have a tattoo removed successfully. If a child is under 4 or 6 years of age, it may be necessary up to 2 years before it is possible to remove all of the ink; and a process will take at least 3 to 4 years before all of the ink is removed. Therefore it is vital to get the removal procedure done early and at the proper time.

How to check if the removal of ink is successful?

The removal of ink from a tattoo is a matter of fact because to remove and remove it carefully in a single blow requires strong dexterity. If the removal process is not done skillfully the ink stays on your face for many hours and the ink will cause many problems within a very short amount of time, such as bleeding. To make sure the ink is removed without damage, it is crucial for the child to wear clean clothes, and ideally clean underwear that are free of all visible tattoos. Otherwise the ink cannot be removed completely.

The removal of the ink must be done as quickly as possible with a razor blade or a clean piece of sandpaper. It’s not uncommon to run over with a towel or scrub a small area with a tissue moistened with rubbing

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